The Swedish Corporate Championship will be won by the Company with the maximum points across all categories of events in SCC 2019.

Points System:

Gold Silver Bronze
10 Points 7 Points 5 Points


In case of combined teams for participating companies, points would be individually awarded to all participating companies in the team and not split between them.


Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are to be won by employees across all categories of events.


–  Participants must be employees of the organization carrying identity card / company letter of the organization they are representing.

–  All participants must be of reasonable health & fitness to participate in the specific events.

–  On field, judges / organizers / Referees / Umpires decision would be final.

–  The event Schedule and venues will be decided by the steering committee and will be final and abiding. Any alterations made by organizers on change of date or venue due to unforeseen reasons, has to be accepted by participants.

–  The companies have to appoint a coordinator, who will be a one point contact for the organizers and would communicate the same to the team members.

–  The nomination forms of companies along with the details of the participants has to be submitted online before 1st October 2019

–  In case of the nomination being changed, the same has to be notified to the organizers at least two days in advance of the event.

–  Participants have to preferably appear for all the events in the Official T Shirts.

–  During all the events, the participants need to be present at least 30 minutes prior to the designated start time.

–  The organizers will not be responsible for any kind of incidents / mishaps / loss of property on or off the field.

–  The events would be completed in stipulated time depending on the number of participants. Participants might have to play multiple rounds on any given day.

–  All teams are requested to maintain discipline and to avoid any kind of arguments with any other participant and referees.

–  BlueRamp team has the rights to reject any participant in case of using any unfair means or lack of proper conduct on or off the field.

–  A bye will be granted to the opponent if the participant fails to be present at the venue 5mins after his scheduled match time.

–  The decision of the Steering Committee shall be final in all matters.

–  All matches are based on Knockout Basis unless specifically mentioned.

–  All safety gears and Playing equipment have to be brought by the participants. The organizers would be providing the consumables only.


Sports Provided by Organizers To be Brought by Participants
Tennis Ball Cricket Tennis Ball, Stumps Cricket Bats
Football Footballs Studs/ Sports Shoes
Badminton Plastic Shuttles Racquets

Sports Shoes

(to be worn inside the Court only)

Table Tennis 3 Star Table Tennis Balls Racquets

Sports Shoes

Carrom Carrom Boards

Coins & Striker

Can Bring own Strikers




Men’s Singles | Women’s Singles | Men’s Doubles | Mixed Doubles

–  Plastic Shuttles to be Used

–  15 Points per Game and Best of 3 Sets. (Singles & Doubles)

–  Appropriate Footwear (Sports Shoes) is mandatory to play on Courts

–  Doubles Partner has to be from Same Company

–  Partner cannot be changed in any condition whatsoever

–  Badminton Shoes are to be carried and worn only at the Court. Shoes worn outside will not be allowed to be used on Court



Men’s Doubles | Mixed Doubles

–  Best of 4 Boards till Semi Finals

–  Semi Finals & Finals will have 6 boards.

–  Stroke to be made by nail side of finger up to second joint.

–  Any hand or any finger can be used.

–  Thumbing is allowed.

–  Queen (3 points) can be taken after pocketing minimum one coin of self and cover is must.

–  Stroke to be made covering full circle.

–  Striker should touch both lines while making stroke. Foul or due to be placed in circle in flat position but not on red circle.

–  Queen or jumped coin will be placed by umpire in centre circle.

–  Common Striker would be available but Players can bring their own Strikers as well.



Men’s Singles | Women’s Singles | Men’s Doubles | Mixed Doubles

Table Tennis will be played with 3 Star Balls.

–  Rally Point System
Men’s Category: 11 Points – Best of 3 Sets. (Single & Doubles)
Women’s Category: 11 Points – Best of 3 Sets. (Single & Doubles)

–  Doubles Partner has to be from Same Company

–  Partner cannot be changed in any condition whatsoever


Mixed Event| Surface: Synthetic Mat

–  5 persons playing per side (2 substitutes allowed)

–  Minimum of 2 women in playing 5

–  Rolling Substitution

–  10 min half (12 min for semis and finals)

–  Yellow and Red Cards as per regular football rules.

–  All standard rules except the offside rule will be applicable

–  Direct or 1 bounce Penalties are to be taken from opposite D without Goalkeeper in Goalpost.

–  At any given time only the Captain of the Team must & has the right to speak



Mixed Team Event

–  11 Playing Members + 4 Squad Players (Can only field in case of substitution)

–  Minimum of 2 Women in Playing 11 Mandatory

–  SG Cricket Tennis Balls will be used for all Matches.

–  10 Overs Per Side

–  Power Play for First  3 Overs (Only 3 Fielders allowed on Boundary)

–  No Ball would result in the Next Ball being a FREE HIT.

–  In case of a tie in scores, the result will be decided on the basis of Super Over.

–  All Other Latest Standard MCC Cricket Rules Apply.  

–  If a match is interrupted or abandoned due to rain, re-match will be played. This would be done on an available time slot and might have to be played even on a weekday.

–  All players must carry their Photo ID Cards or a letter from the company authorizing the player to be an employee of the company. In absence of this, the player would not be allowed to play the match.