Registration Date:  October 25, 2020

Race Dates: Nov 1 to Nov 30, 2020

Submission Deadline: Dec 5, 2020

(To be Submitted individually by registered participants)


Cycling will be conducted with the flexibility of cycling at your own time, on your preferred route in the neighbourhood at your own convenience. The winners will be taken basis the maximum distance cycled.


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  1. Individual Registration required. After registration, you will receive a confirmation mail.
  2. Winners will be decided based on Maximum Distance in the month.
  3. Additional Points for every participant completing 300kms in a month.
  4. Participants are free to choose the route.
  5. Participants need to cycle while using the Strava App (available on PlayStore and AppStore Free of Cost). Alternatively, participants can connect their fitness trackers to Strava App and record their run on the App.
  6. One participant to submit the total distance cycled through the SCC website. The submitted result to have Strava App Screenshot with Timing, Distance, Date and Time Stamp and Map of the Run clearly recorded.
  7. The results would be made available on the SCC Website
  8. Family Members or Friends are not allowed to take part in this event.
    Employees (Contractual and On-Roll) of Organizations are eligible to participate in the competition.

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