Help Kit

Virtual Run

Stepwise Procedure for Individuals to Submit and Register their entries

  1. Download the Strava App
  2. Register on the Strava App and Login
  3. Register for Run on Swedish Championship Website before Oct 15 here:
  4. Join the Strava SCC Running Club using this link :
  5. Run your race anytime in between Oct 15 – Nov 15 by starting the Run on your Strava App.

  6. Multiple Runs allowed. Take screenshot of Best Run as Follows:

  7. Submit your Best Run (Timing wise) for the Chosen Category on Website by Nov 20 here:
  8. For endurance submission, you will need to submit 4 weekly submissions for distance. Use this link to do the submission:



  1. Download the Strava App
  2. Register and Login into Strava App
  3. Register for Cycling on Swedish Championship website here:
  4. Join the SCC Cycling Club on Strava Here:
  5. Cycle as much as you can between Nov 1 and Nov 30 by Recording all your rides on Strava as follows:

  6. Submit your Total Distance in the month using 4 weekly screenshots on website by Dec 5  here:

Attach your weekly distance screenshots as proof like this example.


Steps Challenge

  1. Download Google Fit App on your phone.
    Play Store Android :
  2. Register for Steps Challenge on Swedish Championship website here:
  3. Take screenshot of your weekly steps count on Google Fit App

  4. Submit your count on Swedish Championship website every Monday by 2pm here.
  5. Continue the same process every week in between Oct 12 – Dec 8