Virtual Run

Registration Date:
Registrations Open till Oct 15

Race Dates:
Oct 16 to Nov 15

Submission Deadline:
Nov 20

Virtual Run is an actual run but with the flexibility of running at your own time, on your preferred route in the neighbourhood at your own convenience. Participants select a distance, sign up and run when convenient and upload your timings on the website.

Even if you are not the fastest of runners, we have got you covered. There are special points for running the maximum distance in the month allotted.

Points to be won by Top 10 Individuals in each Category as well as by Company Winners decided on Fastest 5 people from each company in each category.

Categories Available
21Kms Men | 21Kms Women | 10Kms Men | 10Kms Women | 5Kms Men | 5Kms Women


Results (Screenshots) accepted from Strava App only. Connect your fitness bands to the Strava App or Use Strava App on your cell phone while running.

(Two separate submissions for Best Timing and Maximum No. of Races Run)

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