Eat Smart Challenge

The Eat Smart Challenge is a 7 day competition with seven hands-on challenges that aims to raise awareness and help people understand how their choice of food matters. The participants are free to choose the ingredients to prepare their Eat Smart Challenge based on the challenge. The participants need to post an image or video along with a caption on social media platforms, tagging Swedish Corporate Championship’s social media handles and submit their entry through the SCC App.

Points shall be awarded to participants who complete the 7-day streak. Points shall also be awarded to the most creative submissions on each day of the challenge.

Download SCC App (To be Launched Soon) Register on App by selecting Company. Under Sports Section, you will see Eat Smart Challenge. Wait for the Contest Dates. No Registration required.

Event Name Registration Till Event Dates Submission Deadline
Eat Smart Challenge No Registration 16-11-2021 to 22-11-2021 23-11-2021

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