Short Film Competition Details

Theme: "We have a Dream"

Dreams are an integral part of human existence. Anything related to these dreams compel us to give our 100%. This year make a short film about the dreams that you are harbouring and nurturing. Tell us about your dream using your flimy skills and who knows that dream may help your company win SCC 2021.

The films shall not be more than 3 (Three) minutes (180 seconds), including the beginning and end credits. We encourage employees, their families and friends to be part of the short film. The short films may be in their original language, but MUST be subtitled in ENGLISH. The films may be shot in MPEG4 or AVI format. The recommended ratios are: 16:9 / 16:9 Full Height Anamorphic – in DV / HDV. Employees can be part of multiple short films.

No Registration reguired for the Short Film Competition. Make your Short Film and contact your Company co-ordinator for Submission of the Short Film.

Event Name Registration Till Event Dates Submission Deadline
Short Film Competition No Registration 15-09-2021 to 15-11-2021 15-11-2021

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